Advantages of Having a Variable-Speed Air Handler for Your HVAC

Airflow is among the most important factors in the performance of any HVAC system. Unfortunately, traditional air handlers only operate at full speed, making it impossible to adjust to changing conditions. Variable-speed air handlers change all that, providing unparalleled climate control in any home.

Precise and Efficient Performance

With a standard air handler, your HVAC system runs at 100% power until your desired temperature setpoint is reached. It then turns off completely, only to repeat the cycle when the temperature again falls outside your chosen range. This repetitive on-off cycle uses a lot of energy, much of which is ultimately wasted. With a variable-speed unit, your system can automatically adjust to provide only as much heating or cooling as you need. This approach is significantly more energy-efficient, helping you keep your utility costs to a minimum.

Exceptional Comfort Control

In addition to being less efficient, traditional air handlers aren’t as well-equipped for constant temperature control. Operating exclusively at full speed often produces rapid bursts of hot or cold air, creating sudden and uncomfortable fluctuations. Variable-speed air handlers heat and cool more gently, delivering even and consistent comfort throughout your home. They also provide improved humidity control by steadily removing excess moisture without leaving you too cold.

Clean and Quiet Operation

Since variable air handlers rarely have to operate at full speed, they’re generally quieter than their single-speed counterparts. More importantly, they’re able to run for much longer periods and keep more air circulating through your system. This, in turn, means more air passing through your air filter. The result is better indoor air quality and a cleaner, healthier environment for your family. Removing more particulates can even keep your HVAC system cleaner, enhancing performance and reducing wear and tear.

Are you ready to make your San Antonio home more comfortable and energy-efficient than ever before? Call R&R Services, Inc. to learn more about variable-speed air handlers and explore our whole line of affordable, efficient HVAC equipment.

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